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Universal Triangulated:(Car) 4-Link

Universal Triangulated:(Car) 4-Link


Additional Information:

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 6 in


Our Universal Triangulated 4-Link Kit is designed for those who want options without the accessories.

We take pride in the parts we make, 100% US made. All of our parts are designed and engineered with precision to provide quality and endurance.

 - This is a cut to fit application –


To Be Listed:

Base Kit:

  • 2 -15″ Upper bars with adjustable ends (Cut to Fit) 
  • 2 -26″ Lower bars with adjustable ends (Cut to Fit)
  • 2-Upper frame mount brackets
  • 2-Upper axle brackets
  • – Lower frame mount brackets and plates
  • 2 -3″ Rear axle bracket (Available in different Axle diameters. Confirm bracket size)


To Be Listed:

  • Some Welding/Drilling Required
  • Assembly Required
  • !!CUT TO FIT APPLICATION!!!- Chevy/Ford Cars etc.
  • Triangulated/Parallel Application- Multi-Angel Brackets


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