Danny and Ian SEMA 2014

Our Story

How it all started

Dannys Original Customs (DOC) established in 2002, in the heart of East Los Angeles. The primary place for customizers.

About the CEO

Danny Ramirez started fabricating when he was a teenager and always had the passion to create and design as a hobby. In the 90’s Danny took over his dads transmission business in East Los Angeles, but that was not Danny’s passion. From time-to-time, Danny taught his brother-in-law; Rene Serna the trade of fabricating and design.

Danny and Rene starting building custom motorcycles and building cars part time.

Time Line

In 2004, Danny met Ian Herrera a local to Southern California.

Ian Herrera started listing DOC’s transmission cross-members on eBay, from that point, Danny’s Original Customs took off and sales began growing.

Danny began designing and fabricating cross-members and custom 4 link kits for multiple platforms, but this was not enough for DOC, so the Mustang II kits and complete full frames was born. Eventually Danny’s Original Customs outgrew the shop in East Los Angeles and relocated to a bigger shop in Montclair, California.

Family Affairs

The newest addition to the DOC’s crew is Danny’s son Donovan Ramirez. Donovan started fabricating and welding along side his dad early 2015.

Our Recognition

Danny’s Original Customs has grown to be a very respectable company with quality products  sold world wide, reaching countries such as Australia,New Zealand, United Kingdom and Japan to name a few. 

All of DOC’s materials are fabricated using American made steel and components. All products are backed by DOC’s Lifetime Warranty.